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An Edit War, or Edit Warring is a term used within Wikis, describing the behavior following a conflict of views between warring individual editors or groups of editors, which has resulted in numerous edits going back and fourth to an article. Edit Wars characterize a confrontational mindset between editors by using aggressive edits to solve a content dispute. The edit war may be a result of a POV dispute, the balance of an articles content, or other disagreements between editors. The repetitive changes to an article between editors undermines the consensus minded process of content editing on a Wiki.


Some effective ways to resolve edit wars include,

  • Notifying warring users the wiki's guidelines referring to editing content.
  • Banning warring users for a short time, in hopes of cooling down any heated exchanges.
  • Look for an outside opinion about the dispute.
  • Suggest a compromise.
  • Bring wider attention to the matter, in hopes of finding a compromise.
  • If the parties cannot agree on any compromise, encourage them to enter a dispute resolution process.

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