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Screenshot from the first person shooter Call Of Duty

A First Person Shooter or FPS is a game told from the viewpoint of the first perspective. Either from inside the cockpit of a vehicle or from the eyes of a character on foot. The idea is to present the player with the immersion of being in the shoes of the protagonist in the game.


The first commercial FPS, Wolfenstein 3D was released on May 5th, 1992, by id software. The well received game can be created with starting one of the most bankable genres in Gaming. The follow up game by id software, was the groundbreaking Doom. Doom featured much improved graphics and improved level design beyond any game at that time. The most important achievement obtained in Doom was the introduction of Network Multiplayer Gaming. This provided gamers with the ability to simultaneously play against each other over a Network, each player with there own first person perspective.

This advancement paved the way for Internet Multiplayer Gaming which first appeared in the 1996 id software game QuakeWorld. The use of the Internet to connect gamers to one another lead to the popularisation of the use of Internet Multiplayer Gaming within many genres of games, as well as the basis of development of new genres , including MMORPG, and MMOFPS.

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