Screenshot from the MMOFPS game Planetside

Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, or MMOFPS, is a variant of the First person shooter (FPS) genre, played with a game Console or a Computer, that uses a connection to the Internet to play with other Users. The difference from FPS games and MMOFPS games and is that MMOFPS games rely on a simultaneous connection with as many as hundreds of thousands of other users to form the gameplay. This is the feature that connects the game genre to other MMOGs. Typical FPS games have a restricted number of simultaneous number of connected users.

Examples of MMOFPS gamesEdit

  • The Agency | Sony Online Entertainment
  • Huxley | Webzen Games Inc
  • Planetside | Sony Online Entertainment
  • Face of Mankind | Duplex Systems
  • World War II Online | Cornered Rat Software
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