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As a young wiki, '''''What's New Media''''' has much growing to do before it becomes a viable resource for those interested in new media. As the "founder" of this wiki I would like to encourage all visitors to begin contributing. I envision students and faculty within new media, technology and communications programs to be the most interested and most active, but industry professionals, hobbyists and the simply interested are welcome to contribute as well. All contributions that address new media specific issues are welcome. Key figures, philosophies, technologies, organizations, events, historical developments, terms, etc. are all valid forms of content in this wiki.
Obviously, the very nature of wikis renders my personal hopes for this wiki largely irrelevant. That said, it is my hope that this wiki will quickly become an essential reference for all parties interested in new media studies. Please contribute and help spread the word. I welcome your feedback at chicagogreen (at) earthlink (dot) net.

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Whats New Media?

Although frequently considered synonymous with internet studies, the study of "New Media" can also be understood as the exploration of social change associated with the evolution and cultural adoption of new forms of media. This wiki will focus on the nexus of both interpretations, tracking significant social and technical developments in the emergence of the internet, as well as key terms and figures.


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