New Media and Internet Activism: from the Battle of Seattle to Blogging[1] (available as a PDF) is a journal article by University of California-Los Angeles PhD candidate Richard Kahn and Professor Douglas Kellner, published in 2004 for New Media & Society[2]. The article discusses the growing role and political potency of online activism, organizing and blogging.

"The political battles of the future may well be fought in the streets, factories, parliaments, and other sites of past struggle, but politics is already mediated by broadcast, computer, and information technologies and will be so increasingly in the future. Therefore, those interested in the politics and culture of the future should be clear on the important role of the new public spheres and intervene accordingly, while critical cultural theorists and activists have the responsibility of educating students around the cultural and subcultural literacies that ultimately amount to the skills that will enable them to participate in the ongoing struggle inherent in cultural politics."
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