What's new, new media?

Retitled to categories as 'extensions of the physical self' and 'extensions of our cognitive structure.' Added the parable of the 'Wallace Paradox.' Chicagogreen 15:31, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

Even after taking care of some brandname/product association reguarding DVRs im still not convinced that it exemplifies anthropotropism Bobagra 03:17, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

Thought provoking questions about the concept of Anthropotropism:

Q If talkies replaces silent films, why did television not replace radio?

Q Why aren't videophones in common use, if the ability to make one is decades old?

Q How do the keyboard and mouse violate the anthropotropic principle? What would alternatives be and why are we not developing them?

Q What do true broadcast mediums (original TV and Radio) have in common with oral/aural culture that no other medium, including digital media has?

Q How does video editing appear to violate the anthropotropic principle?

Q So why do we prefer the ability to rewind, fast forward, pause, etc?

Questions about Marshall McLuhan's belief that all media are in some way an "extension of the self:"

Q How do we extend our memory?

Q How do we extend our ears?

Q How do we extend our eyes?

Q How do we extend our voice?

Q When did we start storing information outside of our own heads?

Q How do all forms of media in turn overcome space (books, photography, film, broadcast, networked) ... which ones do it best?

Q What forms of traditional media best overcome time?

Q How does the computer compare to previous forms of media in terms of overcoming space and time?

Q What qualities of oral / aural culture does the medium of the computer make possible again?

Q What is natural (if anything) about IMing, while listening to music, while writing a paper for class?

Q Where does this progression take us in the future?

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Deleted references to the Star Trek Borg and assimilation as well as to references that connect the concept with a "murderous American society." Chicagogreen

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