Vue 6 xStreamEdit

Vue 6 xStream is E-on Software's flagship 3D animation and terrain generation program for both the PC and Mac platforms. Its' main purpose is to create highly realistic and convincing terrain and ecosystem population algorithms that closely mimic natural environments as far as terrain structure, patterns, alignment, erosion patterns, cloud patterns, cloud heights, as well as more realistic incarnations of rainbows, fog, and haze. The first version of Vue 6 first became available early October 2006. xStream is the most advanced product in the Vue 6 suite which also contains Vue 6 Easel, Vue 6 Esprit, and Vue 6 Infinite. There is also a PLE (Personal Learning Edition) version that is free to use, but all output has watermarked results.

EcoSystem 2 TechnologyEdit

One of the more advanced and touted features of Vue 6 xStream is its' highly advanced vegetation system. Vue uses a proprietary technology called SolidGrowth which generates very realistic plant life that is always random and never produces the same plant twice. SolidGrowth also works extremely fast, typically able to generate hundreds of thousands of unique instances of trees, grass, plants, and flowers in just a few seconds. Polygon totals for plants generally begin in the range of 5000, however with the advanced terrain editor, plant polygon counts can go as high as the computer's ability to process huge amounts of data. Plant polygon counts can reach several billion polygons per plant with relative ease.

Vue Usage For MediaEdit

Vue has been used by Industrial Light And Magic for the second Pirate's Of The Caribbean Movie, as well as extensive use by the BBC, the American Navy, Boeing, and even NASA.

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